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The weapon has a modular design that includes up to four silver zinc battery modules and is able to achieve a range of more than 50 km (27 nmi) and a speed exceeding 92.6 km/h (50 kn) powered by a high frequency permanent magnet motor, with a closed-loop cooling system independent from the environment In mid-May, the German company Atlas Elektronik, owned by EADS and ThyssenKrupp, made a statement saying that during the ground tests that took place in early spring 2012 of the year, the export version of the DM2A4 Seehecht torpedo was SeaHake mod 4 ER broke all records in range and was more than 140 kilometers. Tests were held at the marine test site located in the bay of Eckernferde. They were held in collaboration with the test center of the German military The torpedo is propelled by an advanced pump jet engine and can engage targets within the range of over 40km, at a maximum speed of 40kt. DM2A4/SeaHake mod 4 The DM2A4 Seehecht (Export Name: SeaHake mod 4) is the main under water weapon of the German Navy's Type 212 submarines Fact file: STN Atlas DM2A4 Seehecht torpedo. Fact. file: STN Atlas DM2A4 Seehecht torpedo. 533mm (21 inch) diameter heavyweight torpedo. Germany. Torpedo. A modular wire-guided weapon with active/passive onboard terminal guidance and multifrequency onboard sonar that allows for re-attack The DM2A4 has a max range of 50 kilometers and a top speed of 90 kilometers an hour. At longer ranges, lower speed (about 60 kilometers an hour) are used. The DM2A4 has improved countermeasures and sensors. It can detect ships by detecting metal, or the wake of a surface ship

Der SeaHake Mod.4 ER (Extended Range) Torpedo von Atlas Elektronik, eine Weiterentwicklung des DM 2 A4 der U-Boot-Klasse 212 A der Deutschen Marine, erzielte 2012 einen neuen Reichweitenrekord von 140 km und übertraf damit die Reichweite üblicher Schwergewichtstorpedos um mehr als 50 % The torpedo has a caliber of 533 mm, cruising range - 25 km, speed - up to 50 knots, range of detection of underwater targets - up to 3,5 km (versus 1,5 km for the USET-80), in addition, the torpedo is capable of detecting the wake track of surface ships with a lifetime of up to 500 seconds. There is no telecontrol data Die Basisversion des DM2A4-Torpedos ist für die Bewaffnung deutscher U-Boote, insbesondere der U-214A, ausgelegt. Bisher wurde die Exportversion des SeaHake-Mods 4 gekauft, um U-Boote vom Typ der israelischen Delfine mit amerikanischer Finanzierung auszustatten. Die Rekordreihe SeaHake mod 4 ER ist dank des weit verbreiteten Einsatzes innovativer Technologien bei der Erstellung von.

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Torpedo firing capabilities and electronic countermeasure systems onboard There are six 533mm torpedo tubes in two groups of three, as well as 12 torpedoes or 24 mines. Type 212 is equipped with a water ram expulsion system for torpedo launches. The submarine is equipped with the DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo weapon system from Atlas Elektronik With a cruising speed of 12 knots, the S-80 Plus-class submarines offer a range of 8,000 nm. The submarine can accommodate 32 personnel (plus 8 troops). The S-80 Plus-class submarine can be armed with the DM2A4 heavy torpedo SeaHake, the UGM-84 anti-ship missile Sub-Harpoon, and SAES mines. It was also planned to equip the submarines with the UGM-109 land-attack cruise missile Tomahawk which. Fewer batteries make the weapon much lighter and more agile, but at the cost of range. Both can maintain 50 knots and, like modern thermal torpedoes, are very quiet. Atlas Electronik. High energy. History. The Mark 48 was initially developed as REsearch TORpedo Concept II (RETORC II), one of several weapons recommended for implementation by Project Nobska, a 1956 summer study on submarine warfare. The Mk-48 torpedo was designed at the end of the 1960s to keep up with the advances in Soviet submarine technology. Operational since 1972, it replaced the Mk-37, Mk-14 and Mk-16 torpedoes as.

At the time it was described as an interim weapon, with the STN Atlas DM2A4 Seehecht (Seahake) heavyweight torpedo described as its eventual successor. The weapon features a range of 28km at 23 knots or 13km at 35 knots Citing SSB, the development of the AKYA torpedo could be completed for 2021. Citing the Quwa.org website, the AKYA heavyweight torpedo (HWT) will reportedly have a length of 7 m and a diameter of 533 mm. The HWT will weigh 1.2 tons and have a range of 15 km at a cruising speed of 40 knots. It will rely on a fiber-optic wire-guidance system alongside active and passive acoustic sonars The attack was made via the employment of an advanced, all digital, fiber-optic wire-guided DM2A4 torpedo of German origin. As you can see, the torpedo detonated below the ship's hull, heaving it. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für DM2A4 Torpedo , im Glas gelasert , Krupp Atlas Elektronik, defekt bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel SeaHake Mod 4 is a 6.22 m long torpedo, weighing 1,530 kg and with a standard NATO diameter of 533 mm that will be a huge benefit to the Hellenic Navy. It can reach speeds in excess of 50 knots and a range in excess of 27 nautical miles

If India wished to replace their existing torpedo stocks, the Atlas DM2A4 Seehecht (Seahake) heavyweight torpedo offers greatly improved sonar and fiber-optic guidance, while extending torpedo range to over 50 km at 50 knots. The Seahake Mod4 ER goes a step further, and has hit an astonishing maximum range of 140 km. Unfortunately for the Shishumars, the Scorpene submarine's planned torpedo. Torpedo DM2A4 - Umrüstung auf neuesten Technologiestand. 23 Nov 2020. a rpm | c 0 | F VERTEIDIGUNGSINDUSTRIE, Wehrtechnik und Dienstleistung. Koblenz/Eckernförde. In dieser Woche hat das Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) einen Vertrag über die Obsoleszenzbeseitigung im Sonar- und Elektronikteil des Torpedos DM2A4 geschlossen. Dies geht. Range: 8,000 nautical miles (14,800 km, or 9,196 miles) at 8 knots (15 km/h) surfaced Endurance: 3 weeks without snorkeling, 12 weeks overall Armament: 6 x 533 mm torpedo tubes (in 2 forward-pointing groups of 3) with 12 DM2A4 torpedoes IDAS missiles 24 external naval mines (optional) Countermeasures

The new submarine will be armed with the DM2A4 torpedo and will perform shallow water and open sea missions. It will feature six 533mm torpedo tubes and 12 torpedoes or 24 mines. U212 defenceWeb - Fact file: STN Atlas DM2A4 Seehecht torpedo. Long-range heavyweight torpedo that can also bve be controlled via fiber-optic cable. News & Views. Der Spiegel (June 4/12) - Operation Samson: Israel's Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany. ynet News (Sept 10/11) - Doomsday weapon: Israel's submarines. Includes quotes from Colonel Oded, who recently completed.

The Type 212 is being constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW) of Kiel and Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH (TNSW) of Enden. Four boats will join the German fleet, to fight surface ships. The torpedo's wide-aspect conformal sonar also allows it to send sensor data back to the launch vessel. A Norwegian combat management system is intended to integrate data from the Type 212's.

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The DM2A4 Seehecht is a torpedo originating from Germany and one with the longest range in the world. The extended version of the SeaHake increases the firing range to 140 km from 50 km. It is also one of the latest entrants to the torpedo world Even with only one battery, the DM2A4 already attains the performance level that is usual today for electrical heavyweight torpedoes in respect of speed and range. The whole DM2A4 torpedo family distinguishes itself by being future-proof for several decades to come. This feature was achieved by the consistent software implementation on modern.

The 212 in German service is armed with the DM2A4 Sea Hake heavyweight torpedo, while those in Italian service are armed with the Black Shark torpedo DM2A4 21 Torpedo: $3.5-4 million; DM2A3 21 Torpedo: $3-3.5 million; FUTURE SYSTEMS [] Air [] Barracuda UCAV System: ~$110-125 million based on similar, but larger, nEUROn. Naval [] K131 Corvette: Rough estimate of ~$250-400 million. IDAS SAM: $1 million per missile. It's an IRIS-T quad pack that fits in and is fired from a submarine torpedo. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Torpedo Range for Game Boy. If you've discovered a cheat you' reduced [detection] ranges from hundreds of miles to a few kilometers. 1999 Large Deck Ship Torpedo Defense Study (CNO-N86/N84/N091) Mine Countermeasures (MCM) 1995 Future Fleet Combatant Organic Mine Avoidance and Reconnaissance (FFCOMAR) Study (Program Executive Office-Undersea Warfare (PEO-USW)) 1995-1996 Long-Term Mine Reconnaissance System (LMRS) Cost and Operational Effectiveness.

Israel's Navy Has A New Long-Range Torpedo That Can Kill Any Navy. Bad news for its enemies. Key point: The Israeli navy currently possesses five submarines, three Dolphin-class and two Dolphin 2. El DM2A4 [1] es el primer torpedo en utilizar cable de fibra óptica para su guiado. El torpedo lleva un carrete donde está enrollado el fino hilo de fibra óptica -uno de los extremos está conectado al torpedo mientras que el otro está conectado a la plataforma de lanzamiento- y al ser lanzado, el cable se va desenrollando manteniendo el contacto y el traspase de información con escasos.

The MK 54 Lightweight Torpedo was previously known as the Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo (LHT). The MK 54 Mod 0 Lightweight Torpedo integrates existing torpedo hardware and software from the MK 46, MK. Hey there, I'm a total noob at this game at the moment - I don't even have the game yet. While waiting for funds to be available, I have been scouring the database, getting info, etc. But I have found something that confuses me. the DM2A4 torpedo used on the Type 212 submarine shows a range of 6 NM, yet in the real world its range is something like 25 NM.... given that this game is supposed to. The Photon Torpedo is a powerful, long range weapon in use aboard Federation Starships for over one hundred and fifty years - early models differed from later versions of the weapon only in the level of sophistication and the power of the warhead. 1 Description 2 References 2.1 Notes 2.2 Sources The weapon most widely used by Starfleet vessels is the Type 6. This weapon comprises an elongated. The Kaved appears to be a heavy, fast and long-range torpedo. One feature is what the IDF calls a digital guidance system that will also be easier to upgrade without changing hardware, Jane's source said. While not mentioned explicitly, this is likely a reference to field-programmable gate arrays, probably coupled with the sonar. These high-performance and tamper-proof FPGAs are. Moreover, these submarines are also capable of launching German DM2A4 torpedo and French SM-39 Exocet Surface to Surface missile. The Midgets are primarily used for Special Operations and littoral operations. They can also be considered as an effective offensive punch by fighting the war in enemy waters. Midgets are capable of achieving.

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  2. Berlin - Einer Studie zufolge bleiben traumatische Störungen bei Bundeswehrsoldaten nach Auslandseinsätzen oft unerkannt. Viele fürchten oder schämen sich, über ihre Traumata zu sprechen
  3. Currently, the Type 212A is capable of launching the fiber optic-guided[5] DM2A4 Seehecht (Seahake) heavyweight torpedoes, the WASS A184 Mod.3 torpedoes, the EuroTorp BlackShark torpedoes and short-range missiles from its six torpedo tubes, which use a water ram expulsion system. Future capability may include tube-launched cruise missiles. The short-range missile IDAS (based on the IRIS-T.

RT @COIN_V2: The range of the AKYA torpedo has increased once more, originally it was 15km, then 30, now 50+ km. It's cursing speed also in creased to 45+ knots (from 40 knots) It has become a true equivalent to the DM2A4 torpedo Short Range Air Defense, kurz SHORAD). Neben den klassischen Zielen der Flugabwehr, wie Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber, kann es sowohl gegen kleine Ziele wie Drohnen/UAVs und Lenkwaffen als auch gegen. Game profile of Torpedo Range (Game Boy) first released Nov 1996, developed by SETA and published by Romstar

Price Range Not Applicable. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - September 10, 2009. People. 4,194 likes. Related Pages. Geno Stroia II. Musician/Band . AHS Class of '87. Social Club. Alex Zumbar for Stark County Treasurer. Politician. The. Even Mk-48 is a 1960's designed torpedo and he have 50 km range at 40kn. Also akya more lighter and longer than him . Also akya have a more bigger warhead than dm2a4 . Just use the brain. İf this torpedo is have a very low range why engineers increased his torpedo warhead when dm2a4 kind good torpedo use more lighter than him Spain's Billion-Dollar Ethanol-Powered S-80 Super-Submarines Are Too Big to Fit in their Docks. On July 18, the Spanish newspaper El País reported that Spain's four advanced S-80 submarines under construction had proven too big to fit in their docks at Cartagena. The naval base, located on the Mediterranean Sea in southeastern Spain, has been the home of the Spain's submarine fleet. Free 2-day shipping. Buy Naval Weapons of Germany : Naval Guns of Germany, Torpedoes of Germany, World War II German Torpedoes, 30.5 CM Sk L-50 Gun, 28 CM Sk L-40 Gun (Paperback) at Walmart.co Israel: Mehrere israelische Soldaten wurden von der Armee suspendiert, nachdem sie auf einer palästinensischen Hochzeit getanzt hatten


This work introduces a modified torpedo detection algorithm (MTDA) that improves upon the range estimates of an earlier torpedo detection algorithm (TDA). The original TDA detects the presence of a direct path and a surface reflected path for a torpedo acoustic tonal using the fast orthogonal search (FOS) algorithm. In the original TDA the candidate functions used by FOS were sinusoidal. The range of the AKYA torpedo has increased once more, originally it was 15km, then 30, now 50+ km. It's cursing speed also in creased to 45+ knots (from 40 knots) It has become a true equivalent to the DM2A4 torpedo

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Articles On Torpedoes, including: G7a Torpedo, G7e Torpedo, G7es Torpedo, T11 Torpedo, Dm4 Torpedo, Dm2a4, Mark 24 Tigerfish, Spearfish Torpedo, Mark 30 Torpedo, British 18 Inch Torpedo : Hephaestus Books: Amazon.com.au: Books Skip to main content.com.au. Hello Select your address Books. Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All. Best Sellers New Releases Customer Service. • Barracuda 21 Torpedo: ~$5 million • DM2A4 21 Torpedo: $3.5-4 million • DM2A3 21 Torpedo: $3-3.5 million FUTURE SYSTEMS Edit Air Edit Barracuda UCAV System: ~$110-125 million based on similar, but larger, nEUROn. Naval Edit K131 Corvette: Rough estimate of ~$250-400 million. IDAS SAM: $1 million per missile. It's an IRIS-T quad pack.

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  2. Estimates on the size of Tel Aviv's nuclear stockpile range from 80 to 300 nuclear weapons, the latter number exceeding China's arsenal. Originally, Israel's nuclear forces relied on air-dropped nuclear bombs and Jericho ballistic missiles. For example, when Egyptian and Syrian armies attacked Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, a squadron of eight Israeli F-4 Phantom jets loaded with.
  3. Full of 3D excitement and detailed missions, TORPEDO RANGE actually monitors your action and adjusts to your ability. Each enemy you defeat will earn you a shot at better firepower and upgraded parts for your underwater vessel. If you're looking for an adventure at sea, look no further than this hand-held juggernaut
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  5. HIZIR Countermeasures System Success Against DM2A4 Torpedo. In June, an Aselsan official informed MONCh that the HIZIR Torpedo Countermeasure System (TCMS) had successfully completed a test deployment against a training version of the DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo. The torpedo was launched against the ADA-class corvette BURGAZADA, during her sea acceptance trials, from a range of 10-12km and was.
  6. Eine Bundeswehr-Drohne vom Typ Heron ist an einem Berg in Afghanistan zerschellt

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A Study of the Bathymetry and Sediments of the U.S. Navy Torpedo Range in Cape Cod Bay. | John M. Zeigler | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon Amazon.com: Torpedo Range : Video Games. Skip to main content.us. Hello Select your address Video Games Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All. Best.

Military Cognizance. 24K likes. The page is dedicated to give a complete, swift and day-to-day coverage of all the latest happenings in the world of Defence and Aerospace in an accurate, objective,.. New to Kinnek? Sign up as a buyer; Become a supplier; Explore catalog; Learn Mor Naval Weapons of Germany | Books, LLC | ISBN: 9781156016244 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon INCLUYE ESTE DIORAMA EL SUBMARINO TIPO 212 + TORNADO LUFTWAFFE CON LA BASE PINTADA EFECTO OLA -. German Navy (Marineflieger) [ edit ]. Type 212 submarine. Defence cuts announced in March 2003 resulted in the decision to retire 90 Tornados from service with the Luftwaffe

209-klassen (som regel benævnt Type 209) er en klasse af dieselelektriske undervandsbåde udviklet udelukkende til eksport i slutningen af 1960'erne af Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft i Tyskland.Til trods for at være udviklet i Tyskland, er klassen ikke benyttet af Deutsche Marine.Klassen betegnes som en eksportsucces med 60 ubåde solgt til tretten lande Buy Game Boy Advance Torpedo Range or get the best trade-in value for Game Boy Advance, games, accessories and gaming consoles at eStarland.co Der DM2A4 wird auch in einer preisgünstigeren Variante mit nur einer Batterie und ohne Drahtlenkung als Medium Speed and Range Wake Homing Torpedo angeboten. Seine Länge beträgt hier vier Meter. Durch sein modulares Konzept soll er für die Zukunft weiter ausbaufähig und modifizierbar sein. Durch Einbau eines speziellen Nutzlastmoduls ist eine Verwendung als Unterwasserdrohne. The DM2A4/SeaHake mod 4 is the first torpedo ever to be guided by a fiber optic wire. With a fully digital system architecture, increased range and speed and its new conformal array sonar with a very wide panoramic sensor angle as well as the additional wake homing sensor, the DM2A4/SeaHake mod 4 provides greatly advanced performance over its predecessor DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo Manufacturer: STN Atlas Elektronik Target Spectrum: Multipurpose surface/subsurface Size: 1370 kg, 533mm diameter, 6.6m length (German standard version) Range: > 27 nm (50 km) Speed: > 50 knots (90 km/h) Depth: maximum 300m official Warhead: 255 kg HE Guidance: fibre-optic cable for remote guidance (ECM-resistant); wake-homing sonar; active sonar; onboard re-attack.

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Another big advantage of electric torpedoes is that they can be modular in design, such as Germany's DM2A4 Sea Hake Mod 4 torpedo. The batteries are connected in series allowing each weapon to have 2, 3, or 4 batteries. More batteries give the weapon more range. Fewer batteries make the weapon much lighter and more agile, but at the cost of range. Both can maintain 50 knots and, like modern. DM2A4 TORPEDO , im Glas gelasert , Krupp Atlas Elektronik, defekt - EUR 5,00. ZU VERKAUFEN! DM2A4 Torpedo , im Glas gelasert , Krupp Atlas Elektronik, defekt leider 25510630889

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In same trials, British Ultra Electronics made Sea Sentor torpedo counter measure system failed to stop DM2A4 torpedos, While Aselsan developed Hizir torpedo CMS succesfully managed to stop one of the best European torpedo from far distances. That is a great success of Turkish defence industry. Under the lights of auperior performance of Turkish acoustic sensors received in trials, It is also. 59 DM2A4 Seehecht AS/ASW torpedo 2005 2007-2008 $80 m deal; for Agosta-90B (Khalid) submarines Italy (12) A244 324mm ASW torpedo (1987) 1989 Sweden (40) Type-43 ASW torpedo 1994 1999-2004 Type-43X2 version; for modernized Amazon (Tariq) frigates United States (50) Mk-44 ASW torpedo (1964) 1965-1966 100 Mk-46 ASW torpedo (1977) 1978-1980 (80) Mk-46 ASW torpedo (1988) 1989 Probably Second-hand. These are the DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo, UGM-84 Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missile and SAES seabed mines. It was also planned to equip them with the UGM-109 Tomahawk land attack cruise missile. This would place the Spanish Navy in an elite group of submarine operators with a 'first night' strategic strike capability. While the Tomahawk order has passed into history, the submarine retains the. Russia Tests Nuclear-Powered Long Range Torpedo Published Dec 26, 2018 4:47 PM by The Maritime Executive On Christmas Day, the Russian Navy announced a new round of testing for its new nuclear.

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Long acquisition range and high resolution of the torpedo sonar are achieved. Multiple targets can be separated and targets can be classified. Moreover the wide angular coverage of the sonar provides the full operational picture instantaneously. The electric propulsion system, together with skew glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) propellers ensures silent operation across the whole operating. The DM2A4/SeaHake mod 4 is the first torpedo ever to be guided by a fiber optic wire. With a fully digital system architecture, enhanced range and speed and its new conformal array sonar with a very wide panoramic sensor angle as well as the additional wake-homing sensor, the DM2A4/SeaHake mod 4 provides greatly advanced performance over its predecessor. The homing head shell is a hydrodynamic. Das sollen die neuen DM2A4 Torpedos der Marine doch beherrschen. Ta152. 26. Jul 2002, 12:47. QUOTE(spooky @ 25 Juli 2002 - 19:30) <snip> eine harpoon hat einen gefechtskopf von 227kg und das ist nicht viel für min. 18cm panzerung. Verwendet man bei aktuellen Anti-Schiff FK eigentlich Hohlladungsgefechtsköpfe? Wotan. 25. Jul 2002, 22:23. @spooky stellte sich ja auch nicht die frage nach dem. Currently, the Type 212A is capable of launching the fiber optic-guided DM2A4 Seehecht (Seahake) heavyweight torpedoes, the WASS A184 Mod.3 torpedoes, the WASS BlackShark torpedoes and short-range missiles from its six torpedo tubes, which use a water ram expulsion system. Future capability may include tube-launched cruise missiles. The short-range missile IDAS (based on the IRIS-T missile. Reports on the number of operating Ghadir-class submarines range from 10 to 21, but in 2017, the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence estimated that Iran possessed 14 of such submarines. [10] Iran also reportedly operates one Nahang-class submarine, which became operational in 2007. [11] The operational capabilities of these vessels include firing torpedoes (both the Ghadir and the Nahang class.

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thakshak is a thermal heavyweight torpedo in the range class of blackshark and russian heavy torpedos,it is undergoing user trials,varunastra is developmental project for a long range torpedo. A. aaaditya New Member. Jul 8, 2008 #5 india has also placed an order for the french blackshark torpedos for use with its scorpene class of submarines,these torpedos are to be manufactured by bdl . india. The MK 48 Mod 5 ADCAP torpedo is an improvement to the MK 48 submarine launched torpedo. It is a heavyweight acoustic homing torpedo with sophisticated sonar and a fuzed warhead. The ADCAP enhancement includes all digital guidance and control systems, digital fuzing systems, and pro-pulsion improvements which add speed, depth, and range capability. The Navy will produce about 1046 MODS ADCAPs. warum muß die kirov zick zack fahren? die ortet die iowa doch zb auf 100km wenn nicht mehr, feuert und fährt von der iowa weg. ich vermute auch mal das die kirov mindestens genauso schnell ist wie die iowa. der nuklearantrieb hat doch sicher noch leistungsreserven Range. 8.000 nm at 8 kt. Depth. 400 m operation. 700 m crush depth. Endurance. 12 weeks. 3 weeks without snorkeling. Sensors. Sonar. Atlas DBQS-40FTC. Surface search. Kelvin Hughes 1007 radar . Periscope. Carl Zeiss SERO 14 optronics mast. Carl Zeiss SERO 15 optronics mast. Combat management. Kongsberg MSI-90U Mk1+ Self-defense. Electronic warfare. Thales FL1800U ESM system. Decoys. WASS C303. Range: maximum 45 km+ (at the cruise speed) Yu-8 torpedo [] Yu-8 (鱼-8) torpedo was developed as the electrically-powered counterpart of the Otto-fuel-II-powered Yu-6, with which it shares many components and technologies, with the exception of the propulsion system. Domestic Chinese sources have said that the Yu-8 torpedo had become the test vehicle and subsequently the first torpedo to be.